flexiflow — a platform for high-load systems

With flexiflow you can quickly run a high-load application for working with Big Data

flexiflow is used in real projects. For example, in state services and federal companies

flexiflow allows

  • saves 3 to 6 months when developing systems processing huge volumes of data
  • adapts to any business logic and conceptual system architecture
  • increases system’s reliability thanks to using proven solutions based on the latest IT trends

A short way from a project concept to a real application

flexiflow — is a system of out-of-the-box solutions that can be adapted to your tasks

  • working with Big Data: data collecting, storing and processing
  • building a business model and description of logic as part of processes
  • user access control
  • integration with external data master systems
  • integration with external analytics and monitoring tools
  • etc.

Scalability for any loads and data volumes

The data is kept in a reliable flexiflow storage in a distributed manner. The data is split among compute nodes in an optimal way and processed separately. Legacy data are backed up and do not create additional load on the system. This is why even processing multidimensional and multiclass data does not lower performance.

With flexiflow you can build a system that endures exponential growth of load and data volume and will continue operation in accordance to task placement strategy.

Working with external data sources out-of-the-box

flexiflow contains out-of-the-box solutions that can receive data from external systems:

  • ERP
  • billing systems
  • SIS — state information systems
  • NRDS — normative reference data systems
  • USCAEI — Unified System of Cross-Agency Electronic Interaction
  • other internal databases and systems of the client

Analytics for complex practical tasks

Basic flexiflow functionality allows to store, transfer and analyze Big Data.

Working with OLAP database out-of-the-box

flexiflow can form analytical slicers in a separate interactive database and quickly create views, aggregates and diagrams on their basis.

Data source for other systems of analytics

Create analytical and statistical reports, perform monitoring in real-time or based on accumulated data, transform it into dashboards. flexiflow will collect and prepare data for processing and pass it to the appropriate system for analysis.

Integration with your system of analytics

If you have deployed you system of analytics, flexiflow will load data to it using API or «overflow» method.

Support for popular open source solutions

  • JasperReports
  • Tableau
  • Tabix
  • and others

Project development steps with flexiflow

  1. Drafting specifications

    You tell us about the task. We help analyze and collect system requirements. We formulate specifications together.

  2. Development and testing

    We implement all the requirements on the basis of flexiflow. We immediately setup integrations and test the system to avoid issues.

  3. Putting in operation

    We implement the system in test mode and make sure that everything works correctly. Then we put it into production.

  4. Support

    If needed, we will take care of system support in the process of operation: we address failures and perform updates in a timely manner according to the new specifications.

Learn about all features

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